Multi Sensor Cabinets (MSC) (6)

Clearly arranged and protected from dirt and damage: In Multi Sensor Cabinets push button systems are in good hands. The storage facilities offer space for both finished probe configurations and individual probes and extensions - thus reducing set-up times. The number of stylus trays included in the scope of delivery varies additional trays and gripper trays can be found in the storage accessories section. The cabinets are freely configurable shelves provide space for tools, cleaning agents and other accessories.
Probe cabinet
₨ 88,110.00GST Extra as appliacable
Probe cabinet
₨ 128,160.00GST Extra as appliacable
Probe cabinet
₨ 80,100.00GST Extra as appliacable
Probe cabinet
₨ 105,910.00GST Extra as appliacable
Probe cabinet
₨ 153,970.00GST Extra as appliacable
Compact XXT probe cabinet
₨ 35,420.00GST Extra as appliacable