Pallets and Clamping Plates (119)

With ZEISS pallet systems, the throughput at the measuring device can be significantly increased: While the device is measuring, the next workpiece is positioned on another pallet. The pallet can be exchanged in a matter of seconds and can be aligned for measurement without the need for re-locating the part. Grid plates are also available for securely mounting workpieces on the coordinate measuring machine. Fixtures from the ZEISS modular system are used for this purpose.
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OMEGA 543 blank pallet
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Use time productively

Use time productively

While the measuring machine is loaded, it does not measure. This unproductive time can be reduced to a minimum with pallets, because workpieces are loaded and clamped away from the gauge. A 3-point fixture is used to align the workpiece quickly and reproducibly - with repeated accurate calibration. This makes better use of the machine capacity. With the pallets, the measuring range can be fully utilized. They are equipped with fixed-position measuring spheres, and if necessary also with a ring gauge and glass standard. This enables stable and accurate positioning - for measurements where microns are important.
Matching the device

Matching the device

The series of pallets are matched to the type of measuring instrument.
ZEISS THETA: for tactile measuring devices such as ZEISS CONTURA, ACCURA, PRISMO, XENOS, DuraMax, CenterMax and GageMax
ZEISS OMEGA: for optical measuring instruments such as ZEISS O-INSPECT, O-DETECT or O-SELECT
ZEISS GAMMA: for the CT measuring devices ZEISS METROTOM and VoluMax
For the selection of the pallet, the dimension of the workpieces to be measured is also decisive.