M3 XXT, Styli straight, diamand coated sphere, tungsten carbide shaft

The ZEISS Diamond!Scan® mono is a patented ZEISS technology. With his high resistance to wear and material deposits, he is the all-rounder of the ZEISS Diamond!Scan® family. This is a monolithic stylus made of solid hard metal with a diamond coating. This means that the stylus tip and stylus are made from one piece. The unique manufacturing process enables the production of highly precise styli with unprecedented rigidity

Tungsten carbide is the most common shaft material, it combines a very good stiffness with an acceptable thermal expansion. Only the weight can have a negative effect when using large styli. The straight shaft is the simplest stylus design and the one with the longest usable length. The full shaft length can be used as measuring length. Tungsten carbide shafts represent a good combination in terms of weight, rigidity and thermal expansion.

Diamond coated styli are very robust and have almost no material deposits during measurement. Due to their very smooth surface, which is achieved by a special polishing process, diamond-coated spheres made by ZEISS are also particularly suitable for measurements on highly sensitive materials such as mirror surfaces or glass bodies. In addition, the patented manufacturing process allows for high-precision spheres with a roundness of less than 70 nm.

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