TEMPAR® (43)

Coordinate measuring machines achieve their maximum precision only if temperature, temperature gradients and humidity are within certain limits. ZEISS TEMPAR makes this all-round monitoring of the measurement environment child's play. This is because the system creates a spatial temperature profile that allows you to track down sources of error quickly and easily. The portfolio is tailored to these different use cases. In addition to the predefined standard packages of ZEISS TEMPAR go and ZEISS TEMPAR, the system can be individually adapted to your needs.
Universal holder for sensor
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TEMPAR disc, set of 2
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USB Adapter Cable
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Terminating resistor
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ZEISS TEMPAR go - For easy entry.

ZEISS TEMPAR go - For easy entry.

The handy TEMPAR® disc sensors can be moved freely in the room and provide you with a quick overview of the current ambient conditions. Finding the best location for a measuring device is not easy. Many disturbing factors can easily be overlooked. Even if the test arrangement changes frequently, only limited space is available or the fixed installation of sensors is not possible, the mobile temperature and humidity sensors with a measurement accuracy of 0.4 Kelvin offer an effective way to create optimal test conditions. Just four sensors at a sufficient distance ensure complete spatial monitoring; with the use of eight sensors, a test room can be certified or approved.
ZEISS TEMPAR - Flexible application with maximum accuracy

ZEISS TEMPAR - Flexible application with maximum accuracy

"The requirements on the accuracy of the sensors increase with the precision of the machine as well as the quality class of the room. For this purpose, you can connect our specially designed TEMPAR® sensors to the system device - by cable or by radio. A sensor network consists of nine temperature sensors as standard. As an option, ZEISS TEMPAR offers the option of connecting additional sensors for recording room humidity, pressure and flow. Within the network, one temperature sensor is calibrated by a DAkkS-certified laboratory. This sensor measures 0.05 Kelvin accurately, the others are factory calibrated and measure 0.1 Kelvin accurately. The precision model temperature sensors, in turn, are each individually calibrated by a DAkkS-certified laboratory to within 0.025 Kelvin.
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